Home for gamer

The Respawn bar in the center of Luxembourg the first e-sport and gaming bar in Luxembourg. 400 square meters dedicated to gaming in multiple spaces. Enjoy a drink with friends or colleagues while playing.

  • 13 Board gaming tables
  • 2 Hexagonal premium gaming tables
  • 1 LAN area up to 10Pc
  • 4 Consoles spaces PS5,PS4,XboxSeries,Switch
  • 2 Battle boxes Guitare Hero and Kinect
  • 2 Wargaming tables

Thematic night and events
– Full moon : Loup Garou – Super Smash Bros Tournament : Last Saturday each Month
Weekly tournament and Esports eventsFree
– Fighting game tournament
LAN area (byod : Bring your own device)
– Free

Board gaming 5€/h per table.

Tips : Bring your own game, pay only for your drink 

Latest generation console and retro gaming

– 5€/hour/controller
– arcade : free.

Tips : Bring your own controller or game for a redeem.