The Purpose

The Respawn bar exist to give the growing community a place to gather and enjoy a game with friends or colleague. Someone told me a long time ago, that “the world will be ruled by geeks”, and I can take the bet that most powerfull or the most influent innovator of our era were former geeks or even nerds. Now a full generation is rising educated by parents who have played or still play games. I am fully convinced they need some quality place more inline with their hobbie, where they can initiate people to discover the atmosphere and bring anyone who may want to discover a community of grownup far form the basement nerds.

Respawn is not just a word, it’s a philosophy, when you enter here, you can re-start another life, far from school, studies or work, all your problem stay behind. But it’s not only open to initiate, everyone is welcome and staff or other patrons will be more than happy to include you in the community and challenge the first game together. We welcome you in 4 dedicated spaces on 2 floors. On ground floor enjoy the Board Gaming tables, the bar and the Console Gaming semi private living room. In the sub-level an e-sport main stage with 10 gaming computers for Computer Gaming and 2 Private Gaming rooms for training time or a dedicated LAN day with some friend.